There is an age-old question when is too early to start putting up holiday decorations. Most people I would say would wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start decorating in a typical year.

This year is anything but typical, so it seems like people have gotten into the holiday spirit early. On my way into the radio station, I saw several yards already decorated for the Holiday Season it made me take a double-take because I didn’t realize Thanksgiving was actually this Thursday.

I think the typical household works on a schedule like this of course with weather permitting, the day after Thanksgiving, exterior and interior decorations go up. This also depends on how dedicated to Holiday decorating the person is. I have friends who just leave the decorations up all year outside and pray that lights work around December 1st.

According to Fox News 72% of people agree with my timeline, waiting until the day after Thanksgiving at the earliest. I think anything that is done before Thanksgiving the person is just being extra and this year with the pandemic some households have had Christmas decorations up and active since Halloween.

The holidays are a very sentimental time for us all and whatever anyone needs to do to cope during the pandemic part 2 is ok with me. Even if that means putting up decorations extra early I understand.

The holidays are a time that friends and family can come together and celebrate each year with COVID-19 concerns a lot of families are celebrating virtually so that leaves a lot more time to decorate. I expect to see a lot more extravagant holiday displays this year around the Capital Region. When will you start to decorate this year?

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