Fetty Wap must be a constant in Jimmy Fallon's playlist. The "My Way" rapper made his late-night debut on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in May and Wednesday night (Sept. 16), he returned to perform "679."

Although the 25-year-old rapper seemed a little stiff onstage, the performance was solid with the help of legendary band The Roots and Fetty's Remy Boyz member Monty.

Fetty, whose self-titled album is due Sept. 25, has already made history before he's released his first LP. His first four singles charted in the Billboard's Top 10 at the same time. This comes as no surprise since his singles, "My Way," "Trap Queen," "Again" and "679" have been music essentials all summer.

Fallon also performed "My Way" in the sixth installment of the famed History of Rap series with Justin Timberlake last week (Sept. 9). But the late-night host isn't the only one who's a fan. Taylor Swift brought the rapper out during her tour stop in Seattle and "Trap Queen" was the No. 1 searched song on Google during this summer.

It seems the rapper is far from the one-hit-wonder many speculated he was going to be --and that's exactly how he wants it.

"I just try to keep doing music and let them know that I’m here and I’m relevant. I’m not one of those artists who is trying to get a couple of dollars and get up out of here. I’m not in it for the money -- this is what I do. I don’t know how to do anything other than make music," he told New York Magazine's The Cut.

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