Judging by social media chatter and IM buddies messaging us like, "Yo, you got that?" it's safe to say that Eminem's upcoming 'Marshall Mathers LP 2' has leaked unfortunately. And now thanks to ravenous bloggers, Eminem's collab with Kendrick Lamar, 'Love Game,' is now available for your streaming pleasure. But is at good as you though it would be?

Eminem is the greatest technical rapper of all time! Now with that oft-repeated declaration out of the way, we can be honest with ourselves and say that the songs we've heard from 'MMLP2' have been, well, underwhelming. We've seen him attempt 'Lose Yourself' level anthemics on 'Survival,' he tried to bring it back to the old school on 'Berzerk' and with 'Rap God' he hoped to prove that he hadn't lost a lyrical step.

While his diehards clamor for whatever he offers up, his more discerning fans have been left wanting and disappointed by ideas that looked good on paper (Rick Rubin production, for instance), which don't live up to their potential when we press play. Judging by reactions online, 'Love Game' is yet another case of this and shockingly an example of Em getting bodied on his own s---. (!)

The song is ostensibly about women of ill repute that Em and Kendrick can't shake. Em gives us humorous anecdotes about his lady's triflin' ways and their dysfunctional, mutually abusive, relationship as only he could. We get humorous exaggerations combined with blue jokes all seamlessly woven together by Em's intricate flow. Sounds great right? Well, if you can get past the slipshod beat and the weak hook Em's approach is fine -- up until Kendrick comes through to beat him at his own game talking about the infamous "Sherane" with more clever bars and better delivery. Em redeems himself somewhat in his second verse but by then the damage is already done. A

re we witnessing a changing of the guard? The magic 8 ball says: "All signs point to yes."

Listen to Eminem's 'Love Game' Feat. Kendrick Lamar