March 20th, the first day of Spring, is still a couple of weeks away and snow continues to cover much of the Capital Region. Wouldn't it be nice to hop on a plane and head to the beaches of Florida and soak up some sun? Spring Break!!

The party started early for one person onboard a recent flight from New York to Florida. Problem is that person was the pilot!

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According to NPR, a 6:15am jetBlue flight from Buffalo to Fort Lauderdale was delayed nearly 4 hours because the pilot was allegedly drunk after consuming 10 "tallboys". If that is true that is approximately 200 ounces of beer!

The incident occurred on Wednesday March 2nd at Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Eyewitnesses state that a pilot was making his way through the airport and caught the attention of TSA agents when they noticed the man appeared to be drunk.

After contacting airport police, the pilot was removed from the cockpit of the plane and given a Breathalyzer test which produced a result of 0.17 blood alcohol level. The FAA allows no more than a 0,04 blood alcohol level for pilots to fly.

One Mile at a Time reports that, while in custody, the pilot was overheard saying he had 10 22oz "tallboys" the night before the flight and that he left the bar around midnight. Over 200oz of beer, 6 hours before you are scheduled to fly 133 passengers to Florida?

jetBlue made an official statement on the situation:

The crew member involved has been removed from his duties. The airline has “a very strict zero tolerance internal alcohol policy.” -  Derek Dombrowski, JetBlue Spokesman

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