Houses in New York State are distinct and somewhat unique to the area. As you drive around the Capital Region, for example, you will pass by an occasional Octagon House. You will probably see a few Bungalows and maybe even a Tudor style home but have you ever passed by a 'sleeve home'?

Take a look at the pictures below. This is the 'Sleeve House' in Ancram, New York. It's like a house inside of a house.

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According to 6sqft,the design of the 'Sleeve House' is two structures with the smaller of the two “sleeved” into the larger. The original plans for the home started in 2014 and the home was built in the Hudson Valley on a concrete base in 2017.

Michael Moran-Lillie K Real Estate
Michael Moran-Lillie K Real Estate

The Sleeve House is approximately 2,500 square feet of living space sitting on 15 acres. With massive floor to ceiling windows you have spectacular views of the the surrounding mountains. That is if you buy it. This property is currently listed by the Lillie K Team for $1.9 million.

Buying Upstate indicates that this home is surrounded by Japanese shou sugi ban-treated Accoya wood. Just like yours! The layout of the home is it's most unique feature with a layered division of interior and exterior spaces, a house within a house.

The Sleeve House was designed by architect Adam Dayem. Once his vision was complete the home featured three-bedrooms, two-and-one-half bathrooms and a roof deck to name a few features. Let's see the rest!

Hudson Valley's Sleeve House

See the house within a house

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Look Inside the 1 of a Kind "Octagon House"

Irvington, New York

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