Lil Durk has a message for people blaming rappers for rocking fake jewelry.

On Wednesday (March 2), Durkio jumped on his Instagram Story and posted a missive for his fans to read. “Don’t blame the rapper or athletes nomo,” he wrote. “Blame the jeweler for selling them that bogus ass shit.”

It’s unclear why Durk posted this message, but he has called out jewelers in the past for selling rappers and athletes bogus, overpriced jewelry.

But Lil Durk isn't the only rapper that puts jewelers on blast for selling fake jewelry. His The Voice of the Heroes collaborator, Lil Baby, had to call out a jeweler who sold him a fake watch last year. In September of 2021, the Atlanta rapper called out Rafaello and Co., a New York City-based jewelry retailer, for selling him a fake Patek Philippe timepiece.

"Now @rafaelloandco y’all Kno better then to sell ME of all people a FAKE Or anything that could be called a FAKE!" he captioned a video of four iced-out finger rings and a diamond-flooded watch. "I stand on my name the same way y’all should! Ain’t no such thing as a mistake when that money involved ‍!! Don’t Fuccin Play Wit me Cause when I’m on that I’m on that #ansameforyoupussyassniggas #dontplaywitbaby."

In a statement to XXL, Rafaello and Co. acknowledged that Baby was sold a fake watch but not by their doing. Apparently, the jeweler didn’t do extensive research on the dealer when obtaining the pricey timepiece for Lil Baby. They did apologize to Baby and refunded his money. Also, in exchange, they made him a diamond-encrusted four-finger ring at no charge.

"We do stand on our name just like he does. That's why today he got those four rings for free and his money back because we didn’t do our homework on the watch and we take Full responsibility for that. But it didn’t happen intentionally and he knows that for a fact," the statement reads.

Overall, rappers have to go to the right jewelers and be very cautious when buying expensive jewelry that costs more than a large house.

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