For months upon end, tabloids have been speculating that Rihanna and Drake are getting up close and personal. And, well, the saga continues as the 2 spent some time together in the super, romantic city of Paris early this week.

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Drake's concert went down in Paris on Monday the 24th and Rihanna was there, in the audience, checking out his show according to US Weekly. And you sure as hell know, they got together once the show was over as eye witnesses say they hit up Club 77.

Rumor has it they had their own lil private space and did their own thing. At this stage of the game, I don't get what the BIG SECRET is?! They have been spotted lots and lots of times all over the world, spending time together, sharing photos on Instagram, tweeting, hanging out....if they are together WHO CARES! Stop hiding it! If you're feeling each other, go for it!

Is it to keep things from Breezy? I don't think he would even care at this point since he has been back with his girl Karrueche. (AGAIN, lol.)

Drake also has been romantically linked to Jhene Aiko, but we haven't seen as much hard proof on that of yet.....

So, Drizzy and RiRi, please listen loud and clear, (Really read not listen ,lol)

Dear Drake and Rihanna,

If you 2 are getting it on, liking each other, loving each other, touching each other, maybe just hooking up and using each other....Stop faking the funk and OWN IT! Then you'll get  nosy gals like me off your back, and I will move on to the next big secret.



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