Let’s keep it real, Drake gets clowned constantly on Twitter for being a sensitive artist. On Thursday (April 11), Drizzy turned the tables and poked fun at himself on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'

The 'Trophies' rapper faced his critics -- so to speak -- and got an earful for a special edition of 'Lie Witness News' called 'I Witness News.'

Dressed in a disguise of a wig, fake beard and glasses, the host of the 2014 ESPYs Awards went undercover and quizzed a few unsuspecting people about himself -- even though they had no clue Drake was actually the interviewer.

The responses weren’t too nice but they were hilarious.

The Toronto native asked if it was manly for Drake to cry at the ESPYs Awards because, you know, he's such a sensitive rapper. And although the event didn't even take place yet -- the ESPYs are set for July 16 in Los Angeles -- people had an answer, which proves they're just big liars or really wanted some time on camera.

"Definitely not manly," said one person. "I would say he’s a chickenhead."


Another pedestrian decided to sing a dis song on his guitar about the OVO rapper.

"Drake, hey I think you suck," he sang. "Stop acting, you suck."

That sounds like a hit record -- just kidding.

Despite the negative responses, Drake was a good sport about it.

When he finally removed his disguise and revealed himself to one fan, his reaction was priceless.

Watch the fake Drake interview people on 'I Witness News.'