Wow, what is this I finally see? Can it be, Mama Nature is finally showing us some love?
Sunshine? Robin red breasts? Blue skies? Pale green grass? Wait a minute,  what's on my shoe? DOH!  OMG!  DOG #(@$!!  Come on people , pick up your dog's ish!!

Seriously, as the snow began melting about the 10th time this year, I noticed an increase in piles of doggy ish, poo, crap, doo , etc. spread throughout Rosemont Park in Albany. As a proud Pug owner, I get it, there is nothing worse than walking around with an old Target bag waiting for your dog to do the poo poo dance around his chosen tree, take his sweet ass time while you patiently wait, only to bend over and pick up his mess with the inside out bag method, holding your breath! There's nothing rewarding, glamorous, or sexy about it. Understood.

But, there is also nothing rewarding, glamorous, or sexy about stepping in a steaming dog pile! How hard is it people to pick up your doggy's ish? Are you that lazy? Do you not see the sign on the corner that says $100 fine if you don't pick up after you dog? Do I need to hide in a tree with binoculars and start videotaping you ? Or shall I start DNA testing your dogs and then test the poo to find you? True story, a condo association in Florida started doing this!

My dearest dog owners, I beg of you to take this vow today with me, to pick up your dog's ish , every day , all day, anywhere and everywhere throughout the Albany area. Let's keep our parks, our streets (and our shoes) clean and something to be proud of!