Get ready for the 22 annual Chowder Fest taken over Saratoga Springs NY, Saturday February 1st. There will be over 80 chowder vendors to try from all for 1$ each. If you love chowder just as much as me then you probably are a little excited. I said this before I'm greedy and love to eat and try different foods so trying chowder for 1$ each is right up my alley.

Some of my favorite chowders to eat is of course the famous New England Calm chowder, my grandmother makes a mean corn and potato chowder and another favorite is vegetable chowder ( hold the meat please), oh and I can't forget seafood chowder.

I'm interested in seeing the variety of chowders at the Chowder Fest on February 1st. If your planning an outing out with the family this day will check this out , there will also be vendors there to shop Chowder Fest mech as well. For more information visit here.

Seafood Chowder Served in a Restaurant
Getty Images/iStockphoto

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