If you are tired of Christmas and holiday posts well get used to it, only less than three weeks away from Christmas and New Years that's pretty much what most news stories and blogs will be about.

Unless you are a holiday Grinch then you probably could care less. Well since we are in the holiday spirit I did some Santa Claus searching and it just so happened that I found out that Santa will be in the 518 a lot sooner than Christmas, in fact he is already posted up in the Capital Region.

If you have little ones or you yourself have never seen the real-life Santa Claus, check out some of these local spots that you can indeed meet the big guy himself below. Even though Santa is pretty famous I heard he is a really nice guy with a warm heart and reports have noted that he loves cookies and milk.

Here are some locations within the Capital Region that you can meet Santa at:

1) Magic of Christmas holiday music show will be happening this Saturday, December 14 at the Palace Theater. Hear great talent from the Albany Symphony and see a special Visit from Santa himself.

2) Brunch with Santa on Sunday, December 15t at Reel Seafood and Co. If you're asking what's on the menu, well your guess is just as good as mine. I know one thing's for sure—food is everybody's favorite past-time. For more information visit the link.

3) Photo shoot with the big guy himself, Santa loves the malls just as much as you and I probably do. You can catch Santa every day up until Christmas hanging out at the mall.

4 19th Annual Santa Play Land open house is opened this Friday and Saturday from 5:30 to 9 pm at the Quick Response Restoration, 2077 Route 9 Round Lake NY 12151. This event is free admission. For more information visit the link.

5) Come and enjoy donuts with Santa Sunday, December 15 at Second Chance Opportunities INC. Please RSVP by Dec. 12. All kids are welcomed.


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