I had no idea that this was an issue but apparently, people are trying to bring sick days.  They showed up to protest with surgical masks and signs declaring some have served food while sick, a few dozen people lined the walls of the Albany County Legislature’s chambers Monday in silent protest for paid sick days in Albany County.

I figured most workers still got sick days, but according to the protesters they have to use vacation time to supplement for days they are aren't feeling well.  According to Times Union.

“The surgical masks are attempt to make a point that coming to work sick makes others sick,” said Bill Ritchie, president of the Albany County Central Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO) and one of several people from labor and union groups who participated. “I think momentum for paid sick leave is really starting to develop.”

If Albany County does step in and pass legislation requiring sick days here are the requirements.

Legislators are considering a county law that would require employers to provide their employees with paid sick days, a benefit that is lacking particularly in the retail, transportation and food service industries.

According to Local Law “C,” both full-time and part-time workers for employers who have 10 or more employees would be able to accrue a minimum of one hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked, collecting up to 72 hours, or nine days, of paid sick time per year.

I haven't had sick days since the first job I worked, does your job have sick days?  I thought giving employees sick days went out of style in the early 00's. I hope they do bring back sick days maybe fewer people would come to work sick.

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