Nobody wants to go to jail but what if the jailhouse was haunted and you were free to leave after a few hours? On Saturday October 30th, Haunted Nights will return to the Old Washington County Jail and Historic Salem Courthouse in Salem, New York for another paranormal investigation.
The Old Washington County Jail and the Historic Salem Courthouse were both in use as recently as the 1990's but according to, the courthouse and jail has held a lot of spirit ‘activity’ in the prison cells where numerous prisoners committed suicide, as well as the basement where the showers were located.
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If the October 30th session is sold out. Keep checking the EVENTS page for additional sessions and other locations for a good old scare. In the meantime, let's step inside the historic and haunted courthouse.

Old Washington County Jail - Historic Salem Courthouse

The Old Washington County Jail is also home to the Historic Salem Courthouse in Salem, New York

Sneak Peek Inside The Creepy Old Central Warehouse

Hudson River Hospital for the Insane

Beacon, New York

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