We heard over the weekend about the pharmacy in Wisconsin where an employee discarded vaccines. Governor Cuomo has warned hospital employees saying that this cannot happen here in New York.

According to NYDailyNews reports say that an employee at a Grafton, Wisconsin pharmacy discarded nearly 500 doses of Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine.

We’ve all heard that the new vaccine needs to be refrigerated until time of use. Apparently, a pharmacist left 57 vials of the vaccine at room temperature which resulted in the vials being discarded. The employee did this intentionally.

Governor Cuomo threatened to issue fines to employees and take other drastic measures if they don’t significantly increase the distribution of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Governor Cuomo said, “This is a very serious public health issue, they have to use the allocation within seven days. Otherwise, they can be removed from future distribution. We have almost 200 hospitals, if one hospital isn’t performing we can use other hospitals.”

Over the weekend Governor Cuomo appeared on MSNBC and spoke about New York and the COVID-19 vaccine. Governor Cuomo said that he would not get his vaccination until underserved black and brown people are eligible for vaccination. He looks forward to receiving the vaccine, and he said that he would do so publicly.

Governor Cuomo said that if hospitals or medical facilities are not using their doses of the vaccine within seven days of receiving their shipment, they face a fine up to $100,000. He said that New York City Health and Hospitals has only used 31% of their shipments.

What are your thoughts, do you think pharmacies and medical facilities should receive penalties for not using their allotted vaccines?

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