Do you know how many criminals fake the funk online and creep online with social media and these dating apps?  A LOT.

Our governor is hip to the game and knows this and wants to propose new legislation that will require all sex offenders to give up their online user names for games and dating apps.  What’s happening is that because the legislation hasn’t changed over the years to become in tune with technology, so many of our children are being sexually exploited and taken advantage of online.  Not even just children, but many adults too.  If this passes, it would be a crime for any convicted sex offender who misrepresents themselves online.

As our children get older and technology gets faster and wiser, there are apps out there that these predators know to go on.  Check your children’s phones, make sure there isn’t any inappropriate messaging going on that you are unaware of.  I just saw in the news the other day how a mom signed into her 11 year olds account on social media and portrayed to be her, and she encountered so many disgusting messages from dudes online.  Shameful!  We live in a cruel world, there are predators everywhere and we must be on guard to protect our kids.  And if you are on these dating apps, you also need to know what to look for as well – don’t be afraid to ask for a background check on the guy/girl you are dating. 

This new law is long overdue….

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