Rookie cop gets suspended for using excessive force on twin sisters outside their high school 

A rookie police officer was awarded Donkey of the Day today for using excessive for on two sisters outside Orange High School in Orange, New Jersey. The officer was caught on video pinning both young ladies to the ground and throwing one of them to the ground by grabbing her by her hair. What makes this officer's actions even more unacceptable is that there were no reports of any sort of fight before assaulting the young ladies.

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Just when everyone watching thought that things couldn't get any worse, the officer also assaulted the principle of the school by putting him in a headlock after he tried to intervene. The officer was later suspended however the two girls have been charged in juvenile court.

This cop deserves to removed from the force; maybe even some jail time. Why does he think that just because he wears a badge he can assault two minors? What do y'all think?

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