The simple law of supply and demand, makes Chick-Fil-A at rare specimin in the Capital District.  The closest Chic Fil A is an hour and forty five minutes away. The only other option  is if your catching a flight, because there is a restaurant inside of Albany International for inbound and outbound flights only,

That means you would have to buy a plane ticket in order to get Chick-Fil-A.  I've heard this joke from so many people since the location first opened in October of 2018. Well, the Cross Country team at RPI  has completed the Chick-Fil-A Albany challenged and scored 227.00 worth of Chick-Fil-A for the entire team.

Vincent Putrino, is a college senior at RPI, is the captain of the cross country/track and field team,According to News10, Putrino didn't think the three-hour round trip was worth just lunch for the team so he did something we all joked about doing. He bought a plane ticket.  The team pooled together the money 98$ for a one way trip to Fort Lauderdale, which added up to 5.95 a person.

Putrino, rounded up the money for the food went through TSA made the purchase and came back with orders.  Job well done team!   Was it worth it?

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