Mc Donald’s is gearing up to celebrate its 50th year anniversary of the famous quarter pounder , and what way to celebrate it big by adding some new unique swag. According to news channel 13  Golden Arches Unlimited is  making "scented candles" to recreate the aroma of the burger. Yes that’s right candles that smell like a burger. I’m not sure how great a greasy burger or ketchup will smell in a candle form but I’m sure it won’t have the same effect as say a apple pie scented candle. But then again it could.
They new items are listed as "coming soon" and will come in a set of six specific Quarter Pounder ingredients: the bun, ketchup, pickles, cheese, onions, and 100-percent fresh beef. The site also recommends you to burn the candles all together to get the full effect of the quarter pounder. So pretty much your house will smell like a Mc Donald’s kitchen . They also have other merch to celebrate The Quarter Pounder as well. The Love locket is available now for $35.

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