If you’re on Twitter, there’s a chance you’ve seen Future’s “Toxic Ex-Boyfriend” meme. The WIZRD rapper’s heavily-utilized photo–– which consists of him simply texting–– took over the internet during the holiday season late last year, as the social media site’s users gave and received some major LOLs around Thanksgiving and Christmas time.

The meme itself revolves around a no-good ex-lover texting their former bae about their past relationship or propositioning them for sexual favors long after they’ve called it quits. It’s believed that Fewtch is the subject of the memes due to his own high-profile relationship issues with the mothers of his children, and less-than-savory comments about his most famous ex, Ciara, and her husband, Russell Wilson. Future responded to the memes in an interview, stating that he wishes he was getting paid for them.

The turkeys and stuffing have been digested and our Christmas trees have been taken down, yet, Future memes live on past the holidays. Future as the “Toxic Ex-Boyfriend” has been sprouting up on social for various (and quite random) trending topics, and of course, through the years, Future’s comments and actions have become memes in their own right. Remember when he was going through a custody battle with Ciara? The internet was ruthless,

Check out a few of the biggest news stories that have been meme’d with the rapper’s image or words.

  • Trending Topic: World War 3

    After it was announced in January that Donald Trump successfully ordered and executed the assassination of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, the world was riled up with a mix of confusion and fear. Many believed that due to the high-profile nature of the assassination that the United States was about to enter World War 3.

    Twitter users made light of the austere situation with many memes, including the “Toxic Ex.” This time around, Twitter used the picture to act as though the ex was texting their former lover about “being at war” about their relationship, and needing to get things off of their chest if they’re drafted to fight for their country.

  • Trending Topic: Lena Waithe’s Marriage

    Earlier this year, writer/producer/actress Lena Waithe and her longtime lover Alana Mayo announced they separated after just two months of marriage.

    “We have nothing but support for one another and ask that you respect our privacy during this time,” the former couple said in a joint statement.

    Rumors and speculation swirled that the Queen & Slim writer had been unfaithful in the relationship, which sparked, you guessed it, “Toxic Ex” memes. Neither Waithe nor Future has commented on the use of the memes, and the writer has not commented on the cheating allegations.

  • Hot Girl Summer

    There was an all-out battle of the sexes between Hot Girls and Hot Boys/City Boys on social media timelines in the summer of 2019. Started by Megan Thee Stallion, the “Hot Girl Summer” movement was meant to amplify women living their best lives during the warm months, and the sentiment was echoed by the City Girls thanks to their song “Act Up.”

    However, the so-called Hot Boys got a kick out of hearing that Meg was reportedly in a relationship with Moneybagg Yo, and Yung Miami announced her pregnancy.

    Future was the face of the Hot Boy movement, especially with the release of his Save Me EP, and he was used in many of the memes delighting in the perceived downfall of Hot Girls.

  • Trending Topic: NBA Games

    During his interview with Nardwuar in 2014, Future uttered the word “sensational,” and the rest is history. There have been countless times the gif of the rapper saying the word has been used in memes over the years.

    During the Toronto Raptors 2018 game against the Washington Wizards, the Raptors’ Twitter page used Future's "sensational" catchphrase to describe an impressive dunk by their player OG Anunoby.

    In 2015, a Twitter user wrote about the Golden State Warriors’ impressive winning streak with “Sensational *Future Voice*.”

    It appears that this meme in particular has the most lasting power out of the memes Future is featured in.

  • Trending Topic: Custody Battle

    Four years ago, the Future memes were at an all-time high when the Atlanta rapper was in a highly publicized custody battle with his ex, Ciara.

    When a judge ruled in favor of Future in a May 15, 2016 court proceeding, allowing him to have joint custody of his then-1-year-old son, Future, the rapper's fans went crazy. Ciara's argument that the rhymer wasn't present in their son's life didn't sway the judge's decision and the memes soon followed.

    Memes like this one of Ciara's face Photoshopped onto Russell Wilson's body at a Seattle Seahawks football game is among some of the more comical. Fewtch, whose face is also superimposed on a football player, is shown seemingly grabbing baby Future from Ciara's arms. The internet wins again when it comes to Future memes.

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