Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade is gearing up to release his documentary DWade : Life Unexpected this Sunday February 23 on ESPN. The documentary will discuss Dwade's life in and out the NBA and recently putting focus on his home life, and parenting to his now 12 year old son who is transitioning to become a women.  Dwyane Wade recently sat down with Robin Roberts from Good Morning America and added support to his 12 year old son saying that Zion doubted for years about his gender. D Wade stated that he struggled with what to put in the document and what not to put in the document around his son Zion/Zaya. As a parent you always want to protect your child and make sure they feel safe. Being a public figure adds that extra urge to make sure your family is being exposed in the best way possible. Since the interviews D Wade has been on and addressing the situation with his son transitioning he has gotten a lot of back lash. Some people say his son is too young to say whether his wants to transition or not   and he is not old enough to make those discussions.

I'm a little in between of  allowing your kid to express themselves and then allowing them to make life altering discussions . Its hard to really say which is right over the other but I do know that in the world we live in today there are very judgmental people and everything is thrown in your face. I remember kid cartoons where just that when I was younger now kids cartoons has a little bit of everything in it and I don't think that's right because we all know kids imitate what they see on TV and hear in songs. However in this case D Wade stands behind his son and has been doing the research and getting a more understanding of this situation.  For more of the story visit here.

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