I remember in school we had like two maybe three fire and lock down drills for the year, but that's exactly what they were "drills" that you probably think you wont ever have to be apart of in a real life situation. I mean what all can go wrong in school? Well now a days these drills are being done on a much more regular basis then not because, reports state that there have been more than 400 school shooting incidents since 2010. Well one local teacher found away to make the harsh realities a lot easier on kids. Reported from News 10 Teacher and author Alicia Stenard knew there had to be a better way to teach young kids about how to act in a lockdown drill; one that didn’t involve talk of guns and violence, but rather, of circus trucks and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Alicia wrote a book that was a much more calmer approach to the harsh realities that sometimes play apart in our life.“The premise of the book is, the children are in school, and the circus truck breaks down in front of the school,” Stenard said. The book is targeted for ages 3-8.

Its sad that we have to make sure kids these days know how to react to dangerous situations like lockdowns and school shootings because, it is happening more and more these days in schools we've attended or our kids attend these days. Having books and good teachers that can still express the danger of these scenarios but at the same time make it not so scary is a lot easier on our children.

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