Move over Salt Bae, Key Glock (a.k.a. Glock Bae) has crowned himself king in the streets and in the kitchen. He blesses the trap with hard-hitting bangers and a swagger to match. Hungrier than ever, 22-year-old Glizzock just delivered his latest mixtape, Yellow Tape, without the assistance of any guest contributors—further proof he can still churn out solid tracks on his own. Leaving haters salty with songs like “Mr. Glock” and “Look at They Face,” the young gunner from South Memphis knows a thing or two about living the high life.

And if turning up ever leaves you with a case of the munchies, the “Racks Today” rapper has just the right meal to satisfy your appetite. Here, Key Glock teaches XXL how to make his Top Ramen Pasta Special for Struggle Plates

Key Glock’s not-so fancy feast consists of chicken-flavored ramen noodles, sliced turkey from the deli, Kraft singles and Cheetos Puffs, which he crushes to create “cheese crumbs.” What does he call this creation? Top Ramen Pasta.

Now Key Glock is a man of few words, but that doesn't mean he's letting things slide. When urged to take a bite of the competition's soy sauce-flavored pasta, the rapper isn't having it. "Hold on, what you mean?," Glock questions. "I'm not tryin' the soy sauce."

After schooling XXL on how to craft his ramen dish, the master chef, who teamed up with Young Dolph to cook up 2019’s collaborative Dum and Dummer, had a member of his team grade Glock's creation. “This is it,” says Glock’s homie, who volunteered his palet. “This the one right here.”

Catch Key Glock sauce up a Top Ramen Pasta Special for Struggle Plates in the video below.

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