Hip-hop is perpetually in the midst of a youth movement and Justin Rarri is certainly in the mix. At just 17 years old, the Bronx bomber already has more than 20 million Spotify streams on one song ("W2Leezy,") despite just starting to record his raps three years ago. The Interscope Records signee dropped his 4EVARARRi project last year, then broke into 2020 with his solid song "Strong." There's no time like the present to be a newer artist, and now i's Rarri's time to shine. He swung by the XXL office to drop a freestyle and tell us about how he got into music.

Justin's freestyle is personal, as he delivers rhymes on both his family and his lifestyle. "I cant deny, free my lil brother, he only 15/I wonder why, why you had to go and catch a case/Put a diamond Rollie in the face, real street nigga countin' cake," he rhymes, sharing a glimpse into his life outside of the booth. "Only shop in that Neiman Markie/I be the kid who hold the key/55 bands all on my jeans, Balenciaga, that's all on my feet."

Rarri gets fresh, but he's not playing around with anyone: "Boy got a problem, we shoot up his feet/I don't want no niggas talkin' to me/Don't give a fuck, we gon' aim at his knees/28, that be my sizing, give a fuck ’bout a nigga, don't try me."

Rhymes like this have been in the works for some time since Justin Rarri has been rapping for quote some time, even before he hit the studio for the first time. He takes some time to discuss his background, including the surprising song that made him get into hip-hop. "I started rapping at a young age," he recalls. "I first started when I heard A$AP Rocky, his song with Drake ['Fuckin' Problems']."

Justin started writing immediately after hearing the beat, and an artist was born at 11 years old. At 15, he officially hit the booth, then went on to drop his streaming hit "W2Leezy" last year. The rising rapper surely makes the process seem easy: "I made ['W2Leezy'] in like 30 minutes, with my producer, SumYunGhai," he shares. From there, he was off and running.

Check out Justin Rarri's freestyle below.

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