Pat Muresan likes to keep it real. “Everything I write is based off of something I’ve experienced or I’m experiencing,” he says. “Because I want my music to be something other people can relate to.” Influenced by the hip-hop greats he grew up listening to, such as Lil Wayne, Eminem, OutKast and 50 Cent, the Romanian-born artist began rapping as a child. After landing in Atlanta, Muresan, who has brushed elbows with the likes of ATLiens like Usher and Future, really started to carve out his own lane. Here, the “Something Real” rapper freestyles for XXL’s What I Do series.

“Top down, I come around like who’s he/My weekdays are like a TV show, but my weekends are like movies/Not one girl, I need two at least/I don’t give a fuck, I’m too G/I blow cash, a few trees/That’s more gas than QT,” raps the “Party Go Dumb” artist, with tens of thousands of followers on Instagram.

The Down South rhymer is now ready to set the tone for the next phase of his career. For his forthcoming release, which he has titled PreMadonna, the 24-year-old artist connected with Chris Clark. The producer responsible for tracks like the Chris Brown-assisted remix of DaniLeigh’s “Easy” handled PreMadonna’s production in its entirety, crafting beats for tracks like the lead single, “Bad News,” which Muresan says is “pretty much about a girl fucking with me and her friends are like skeptical of me, but she ends up fucking with me anyway.”

Catch Pat Muresan flex his freestyle skills in the video below.

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