KFC is joining in on the fun and creating a new item to the menu. Last month Snoop Dogg partnered up with Dunkin Donuts to create a sausage egg sandwich on a glaze donut. Talk about a heart attack in one but yet still so tempting to eat. Well looks like KFC is following in the footsteps as they have announced  to bring a dunut and chicken sandwhich to the menu. According to news 10 After KFC  created a frenzy during a test run last year, KFC is bringing its chicken and donuts to fans everywhere starting Monday until March 16th.
KFC says the pairing features hand-breaded fried chicken, with a glazed-to-order and piping hot donut.

Im not to sure if I’m down to try this , however chicken and waffles is always a go ,but I think the glaze donut does it for me . I”ll take the chicken hold the donut on the side. 

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