The cap region is excited Breezy is comin back this summer as he just announced his "One Hell of a Nite" Tour stopping in SPAC August 28. But what about his personal life? Being a father? His relationship with his ex-girlfriend Karreuche Tran? We get nosy in his interview with Ryan Seacrest.

Chris Brown became a father this past year to his daughter Royalty. No surprise, his girlfriend at the time Karreuche was NOT the baby mom. Following the news, she then became his EX.

Breezy is now focused on fatherhood & his 2015 summer tour with Fetty Wap, Teyana Taylor, Omarion & Kid Ink.

Check out the interview below:


On Fatherhood: “There comes a time when people kind of have to grow up and become more of an adult and take on different responsibilities. I think this was just a blessing in disguise with my daughter because I get a chance to look at her and teach her the right path and also be a father in my daughter’s life. Just to see a smile on her face—just to see the littlest things—is emotional for me, so I just love that aspect of being able to be a father now.”

On Relationship with Karrueche: “I’m going to be honest and be a man about it and just take it one day at a time. I can’t promise anything and I can’t jump over the moon, but it takes time for all wounds [to heal]. I take full responsibility for my actions and things that I’ve done in the past. I feel like it’s just a time thing.”

On Whether He Still Loves Karrueche: “I’m not a hateful person. Of course I still love her, but mentally right now, I think everything takes time. I just need to focus on being the best father I can be.”

On New Tour: “It’s going around summertime, so I feel like that’s the best time for people to kind of have the greatest experience of their life. I just got off tour maybe a couple months ago, but we’re going to go right back out because I got so much new material and new music that’s coming out for the summertime. I think it’ll be good for just people to have fun and [I want to] put smiles on people’s faces when I’m out onstage.”