Madison Vandenburg did not disappoint when she belted out Queen's "The Show Must Go On". After her performance, Ryan Seacrest asked her about her high school friends who were watching and her favorite teacher. We spoke to Madison's favorite teacher. While watching American Idol Sunday night, there was a pretty awesome moment at the end of our home town girl, Madison Vandenburg's performance. Ryan Seacrest talked about how her friends from Shaker High School who were having a viewing party for her. They both waived and said hello.

Then Ryan Seacrest asked Madison to tell us who her favorite teacher is at Shaker. Madison said that there were many teachers but there was one in particular that she has known the longest. Madison said she's known her Math teacher Mrs. Simkulet the longest and the she has been supporting her "110%". Then she said that "this one's for you, Ms. Sim".

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