The whole world was shocked yesterday with the election of Donald Trump as the President. Polls media and everyone else had Hillary Clinton winning by a landslide. Things did not turn out that way at all.

If you look at the map of the states that Hillary Clinton won, she only won in the on the east coast, Big cities and in California. The majority of the nation is rural, this is something that underestimated in this campaign.

Rural Americans feel like there is a disconnect from the government because, things aren't going there way. Donald Trump was undisputed in the mid-west and the South.

My time line was lit this morning with people talking election talk. Here are some of the opinions on the President Clinton:

This afternoon we will discuss the election in depth and talk about how it affects the Capital Region. If you would like to check in leave a comment below or give me a call at 518.370.9910 this afternoon.