The funny thing about this is I just watched a episode of Criminal Intent where a woman was forced to be a slave by her boyfriend. I thought it was unrealistic but apparently this really does happen. Nicholas Allen Talbot, 35, of Lincoln, Nebraska, is facing second-degree domestic assault charges after police say he forced a 32-year-old woman into a so-called slave contract formalizing abuse that included whipping her, burning her with lighters and making her drink his urine several times a day.

Here is what the Lincoln Journal Star found out:

On Monday, the woman told her pastor and another woman that Talbot hurt her, showing them several wounds, and they called police, [Lincoln Police Officer Angela Morehouse] said....Police found four to six burn marks on the woman’s spine that were black and scabbed over, Morehouse said in the affidavit. The woman told police Talbot had extinguished cigarettes on her back. Investigators also found burns covering 3 to 5 inches on her right buttocks, which she said she got when Talbot burned her with a lighter, Morehouse said. Police spotted a large burn on her right breast, and she told them Talbot heated the tip of a screwdriver on Jan. 15 and held it to her skin, Morehouse said. She also said Talbot wrote “PROPERTY OF NICK” on her left arm in black marker....The woman also told investigators Talbot forced her to drink his urine once or twice a day

Wow .... that is crazy. This guy is a real life sicko. I hope they throw him under the jail.'