Blake Griffin is an absolute MONSTER! Not only did Blake posterize Pau Gasol, he dropped bows on em’. That’s what most would call insult to injury.

The Los Angeles Clippers had a huge resurgence this year with the acquisition of former New Orleans guard, Chris Paul. The team was dubbed “Lob Angeles” early in the season because of their exciting “lobbed” ally-oop passes to big men Griffin and the team’s center, DeAndre Jordan (no relation the Mike).

Blake has had a lot of impressive dunks this year. The only chance 99% of us have to duplicate his dunks would involve a Nerf hoop from a capital region toy store. It’s possible we saw Blake’s most impressive dunk of the year on April 4th when the Clips faced their inner city rival, the Los Angeles Lakers (both teams share the same home court, by the way).

Are you kidding me? Did Pau take Blake’s lunch money? Did he call his momma fat? Did Blake have a rough night? Maybe his girl made him sleep on the couch and he took out his frustration on Pau.

Regardless of how you look at it, Blake is by far one of the most explosive, exciting superstars in the NBA today. He’s good for basketball and even better for a franchise that has historically sucked.