It's Saratoga Brewfest this Saturday, which made us start to think of, well, beer, and all of the fun that goes with it.  Sure Brewfest maybe all about sampling, but we all remember the days of beer helmets and kegstands too.

I recently saw a post about the beerball- the nostalgic mini-keg in the shape of a ball (see a fun photo here) and that got me thinking even more about old beer gimmicks and party tricks. Sure, drinking responsibly is important.  But lets take a moment to remember all that goes with beer:

  • Beer helmets: Keeping your head safe (maybe, not really at all) while it holds some beer cans for you to sip from as you get far too intoxicated.  The beer helmet- a thing of the past and a thing of the future.  Inevitably I still see someone wearing a beer helmet at least once a year somewhere
  • Mini-kegs: Years ago it seemed like the Heineken mini-keg was THE THING to have.  Nowadays? I don't know.
  • Kegstands: The older one gets, the more these fade away.  Back in college, it was all about the keg stand.  But let's face it, holding someones legs up or expecting someone to be held upside down while trying to chug- that seems like a lot on the ol' back and knee joints.
  • Shotgun!: Alright, lets poke a hole through this aluminum with a key, then crack the top open and see HOW fast we can drink this beer without it pouring all over us.  Great idea!
  • Melon-kegs: You know what will make beer WAY better? A MELON! Let us carve one out, stick an attachment on it, and voila- a home made melon keg.
  • 'The Beer Olympics': Then: 'Let's play all these different beer games and have a beer Olympics and drink as much as we can!'  Now: 'Let's sit on the couch and relax and drink a beer while we watch other people play sports'
  • What would you add to the list? Let us know!

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