A major department store is trying to capitalize on the closing of Babies R Us. The store has locations in and around the areas of where Babies R Us stores have closed so they are banking on the customers from those shuttered stores. At the end of the month, JCPenney stores are hoping to start reaping the benefits of the closing of all of the Babies R Us stores. According to the Business Insider, JCPenney has always offered baby products online, but now they are opening special baby shops inside five hundred of their stores. They happen to be close to where a Babies R Us once stood.

JCPenney will now offer cribs, high chairs, strollers and car seats in stores along with bottles, pacifiers, diaper bags, bounce seats and activity centers. They will carry all of the popular brands including Avent, Graco, Fisher Price, Dr. Browns, Tommee Tippee and Halo. Look for the baby stores inside JCPenney starting August 30th.


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