Last year, Build-A-Bear Workshop did their "Pay Your Age" promotion that caused the store to shut down at Crossgates. They are bringing it back this month but they are implementing new rules. Here's what you need to know. According to News 10 ABC, in an effort to make their "Pay Your Age" promotion at Build-A-Bear less chaotic, there are new rules in place. It will be the same concept of paying your child's age to get a Build-A-Bear but there is a time frame to do it, a certain amount of the promotion and "winner" tickets that will be given out.

Here's how it works. You sign up for the Build-A-Bear Bonus Club rewards through email now through midnight on June 16th. After you have enrolled, you will get a notification by June 21st if you are one of the two hundred thousand people chosen throughout the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. If you are you get a "winner" ticket. They will send a barcode for you to use as proof. The dates have been extended. You will have from June 24th through June 28th to redeem your bear and you will be assigned a specific date range.

Build-A-Bear is hoping these changes will alleviate the craziness that happened last year.

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