Note to asteroid: Please DO NOT try to squeeze under the Albany County Rail Trail Bridge in Bethlehem or the Glenridge Road bridge in Glenville.  You'll simply be added to the list of "I think I can's" who thought wrong!
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A pretty decent-sized asteroid, roughly twice the size of the Corning Tower in Albany, will pass by Earth today.
No biggie, you say?   Well, you'd be right.
"This asteroid, named 2021 NY1, will sail harmlessly past our planet, according to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, but is still considered a Near-Earth Object (NEO) because it will pass within about 120 million miles (193 million kilometers) of the sun." 
NASA experts say on Wednesday, "the fall equinox will bring the Earth about 12 hours of daylight, 12 hours of the night, and a renegade space rock measuring about three times the size of the Statue of Liberty."
While the size in regards to the Statue of Liberty gives us helpful context,  I thought it would be much more useful - and more interesting - to use local landmarks to make the size distinction.
So here are some local things of interest, along with the asteroid's relative size in comparison.
Twice the Height of the Corning Tower
3 Times the Length of the USS Slater 
USS Slater
Lou Roberts Collection

150 Times the Size of our Favorite TV Anchor, News 10's John Gray

John Gray Fox 23 News
Image: Fox 23 News

32 Times the Size of Nipper the Dog

Nipper The RCA Dog
Nick Lee/WGNA-Nipper The RCA Dog

1000 Times the Height of Steve Caporizzo's Famous Quarantine Hair

Steve Caporizzo's Hair is Truly Spectacular

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