Uncomfortable conversations are just that; uncomfortable.  But their importance can't be overstated.  Often, the most difficult conversations are the ones that create the most resolve and understanding, leading to less stress and more success.

Nobody seems to get that more than Daniel Chessare, the outspoken owner of Saratoga's Broadway Deli in the heart of one of the area's most bustling cities.

This man is never afraid to speak his mind and as a result, he's gained a loyal following who eat up his Facebook and social media posts as much as his deli sandwiches.

During track season he panned out-of-town drunkards who regularly made a mess out of his sidewalk and building.  On their Facebook page, Chessare was literally counting down the days until the racing season was over.

He's gone after former Governor Andrew Cuomo, placing restaurant confusion and frustration on government officials and their mixed messages on mask mandates. Chessare has also blasted customers who make his staff uncomfortable by obnoxiously hitting on the waiters and other employees.

Chessare is unabashed, honestly refreshing, and cleverly calculated. In a time when trolls and haters are everywhere, the deli owner's rants on social media tend to get generally positive feedback, with most people applauding him for saying the things that few will say.

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Recently, he took a different approach on the Saratoga Broadway Deli's Facebook page.  It was less a "rant" and more of an open, honest - and quite revealing - dialogue.

His post is incredibly relatable to all, not just those in the industry.  He discusses current labor issues and says the reason why restaurants in the area are struggling to find and keep staff is because of things many might find a bit shocking.

He discusses shitty pay, crappy customers, rampant drug use, and mental health - quite the departure from some of the other things that Chessare has ranted about in the past.

But after reading it, I had a much deeper understanding of the problems that have plagued the industry, in some cases forcing previously successful Capital Region restaurants to shut their doors because they can't find and keep staff.

And while it might make some uncomfortable, the refreshingly honest and hard-hitting dialogue might be just the thing we needed to hear, see, and feel.

Here's what it said:

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