Congrats to the ownership, staff, and all of the satisfied customers of this little restaurant in Albany, that truly is Movin On Up!  People who live near Crossgates Commons are going to love this place, and the best part of all - it's not another chain.

A few years ago, Emrys Young owned a small, soul food restaurant on Lark Street in Albany that was a true hidden gem to anyone who was lucky enough to find it.  Young, herself could be seen in the Kitchen 216 windowfront daily, working long hours cooking food and greeting customers who came in for some savory, homemade, southern fried cooking.

Kitchen 216, described as "modern soul food"  wasn't there for long, as Young would soon need more space to keep up with the demand of her growing business.  Fueled by word-of-mouth and flat-out some of the most delicious fried chicken and fish, superb steaks, and spectacular shellfish, Kitchen 216 left Lark and settled at 85 Central Ave where the restaurant has been since May of 2019.

But over the weekend, came some news from Kitchen 216.  In an Instagram post, standing in front of a fresh new location, Young was seen holding a sign inside Crossgates Commons where Zaitoon Kitchen used to be, announcing their new location with a proud message.

"You want to know the best thing about progression/success? The best thing is that it’s not up to anybody but you. You don’t need any permission. You don’t have to wait for understanding. Nobody has to see or believe. I started on Clinton Avenue selling dinners. Next month We’ll be next to the biggest Walmart in the world." Kitchen 216 Instagram 


Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

Based upon the post, it appears that they'll be opening up sometime next month.  Hopefully, their new location will prove to be more convenient for the masses to stop in and try their terrific food.  You won't be disappointed.

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