Occupy Albany protesters were chanting “We are unstoppable” in Lafayette Park yesterday. I have news for ya – when you’re being taken away in handcuffs, you look pretty damn stoppable.

Three protesters were arrested earlier yesterday for setting up tables without a permit on the park premises and more were taken in to custody later for similar incidents and staying past the curfew set for 11pm. I can relate, I got caught driving past 9 when I was 16 and my mom got pissed.

Protestors should be happy the city allowed them to return to the park at all. They gave them the opportunity to express their opinions within a reasonable set of rules and that still wasn’t good enough. Each school, workplace, establishment etc. has a set of rules in which you must abide by. When people break the rules they get punished. Why is it different in this case? Because there’s 100 of you? Not everyone there was being a d-bag, only the select few who decided to break the set rules.

What point are you trying to make by not taking away a table that isn’t allowed to be there? You got arrested for the cause? You aren’t going to be in a text book one day because you didn’t dismantle your ugly picnic table, sorry.

According to the TU, Albany County District Attorney David Soares said he won’t prosecute protesters for nonviolent offenses so they should be fine.

I’m all about the first amendment but damn! Get a job ya hippies!