Another man was allegedly shot by an officer, this time the officer was black and the person shot was black as well. The officer pulled the men over for running a stop sign.

Screaming over and over "Don't you f---ing move!" and "Show me your hands!" at the man in the passenger seat, allegedly, the officer reached into the car and appeared to remove a silver handgun.

This man had a gun, so how was he unarmed ? I'm all for defending people who are unjustly killed by the police, but to me this shooting seems justified. He had a weapon and he wasn't listening to the police officer who told him several times not to move.

I still think all of the officers actions should be investigated to prevent instances like this from happening in the future. When people make issues out of videos like this it distracts the attention away from unjustified police killings. What do you think?

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