Earlier today, Tasheem Maeweather received his sentencing of…


A verdict has been reached in terms of the sentencing of Tasheem Maeweather, the man who was convicted of firing his gun inside Crossgates Mall last November. Earlier today, Supreme Court Justice Roger McDonough sentenced Maeweather to 3.5 to 7 years in state prison. “Your actions were in complete and depraved disregard of those lives,” he said to Maeweather are he gave his sentence (Times Union).

In addition to receiving the maximum sentence of 7 years, Maeweather is currently serving nine years for a previous drug conviction, thus violating his parole. According to sources, Maeweather will not start serving his 7 year sentence until the end of his current 9 year one.

Just to jog your memory, on November 12, 2016 Maeweather was accused of firing a gun in the Crossgates Mall in Guilderland after what seemed to be a minor altercation with rival gang members. In May, due to a lack of concrete evidence, the jury reached a split verdict, finding Maeweather innocent of criminal possession of a weapon and attempted assault, and also acquitting him of the worst charge that he was facing; attempted murder.

Regardless of the verdict, McDonough gave him the maximum sentence due to his lack of carelessness for the lives of those around him regardless of whatever “beef” he had going on with his rivalries. “There were children feet away from you,” he said to Maeweather (Times Union). Maeweather’s attorney Lee Kindlon maintains that he is not guilty and suggests that prosecutors convicted the wrong man, failing to consider other potential suspects in the shootout.

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