Last seasons ANTM was exciting right? Scotia's own Laura Lafrate made it to the final two of one of the CW Networks most famed shows. Unfortunately for the Albany area model, she fell short of winning the show, taking home a second place finish. But alas, Laura is a winner, but not Ms. Lafrate.

In the words of Eminem: 'Would the real Ms. James please stand-up?' Ok, so I changed the name a bit, but it's official. Laura James of Cambridge was crowned America's Next Top Model: College Edition, by 5 points.

Being a recent graduate of Paul Smith's College and daughter of actor John James. (Jeff Colby: Dynasty & The Colby's) Laura will return home sporting bragging rights and $30K in scholarship cash.

The next time you're in Cambridge and you see a beautiful young woman smiling from ear to ear, make sure you hi-five America's Next Top Model and Albany area native, Laura James.