Alicia Keys ended the DNC vibing!

She was energetic during her performance of "In Common"  which I'm not sure why was performed since some of the lyrics are "you must be messed up to", "who wants to love somebody like me".

Aaron P. Bernstein
Aaron P. Bernstein
Maybe she was directing those words at Trump but still confused about song choice.I was thinking maybe something patriotic but still love me some Alicia.
You know she had to bring the funk!Because she did have to  follow that very endearing speech from Bill Clinton.
And,yes I admit I waited for this performance and I'm not disappointed.I rock with Alicia but I feel she should have maybe said a little more other than the repeated "we need to come together".But I'm glad I stayed up to watch.Did you?Was it worth your possible puffy eyes in the AM?Did you feel inspired like you were part of something great taking place in the world?
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