Albany Common Council is considering a bounty system for public enemy number 1 this summer, that is dirt bikes. There have been continuous reports and complaints of people riding dirt bikes through the streets of Albany. The common council is looking for ways to reward people who give tips on where these dirt bikes are stored.

Is people riding dirt bikes through the street really that big of a deal? There are so many other resources in Albany that are needed, offering people money to tell on others seems like a waste of time. In addition where does the money for these rewards come from? Tax Money, and then what happens to the dirtbikes after they are confiscated? The city will probably auction them off for a 100% profit. I would rather see some of this money go towards fixing numerous potholes that are still around in July. Maybe even a safe place for them to ride the bikes, there is plenty of New York state-owned land that would be perfect for something like this.

Granted people riding up and down the street all night with loud dirtbikes, is not a good look, and it is annoying. These people ride up and down the street all day, I'm sure with a little good old fashioned police work, they could find out exactly where these dirt bikes are stored without having to waste tax money. At the end of the day, these kids riding dirtbikes is really hurting no one but themselves if they get into an accident.

Does a reward make you interested in telling law enforcement where the dirtbikes are stored. Would you use the line to inform officials on where the dirtbikes are stored?

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