Every year the FBI compiles data about crimes that happen in various cities through out the United States.  They take into account violent crimes (murder/robbery/rape) and other non violent crimes (break ins/theft/etc) and make a list of the most dangerous places in the United States based off of population and other contributing factors.   The people at roadsnacks have compiled a list of the most dangerous cities in New York.

The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In New York For 2020


I've lived in or close to 4 places on this list, so I think this list should be taken with that these statistics are just based off of data.  I don't think any of these places are so dangerous that you can't go there and live or visit.  A couple places on this list are only there because of property crime.  This list is certainly not something to brag about, people use this list as an opportunity to display how tough their city is or how tough they are. As someone who grew up in a violent city I know you can become a victim of violence anywhere. Any city with a certain amount of people is going to have crime its inevitable.

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