Remember those sex abuse allegations Bill Cosby faced a couple of years back?

Me either, but Hannibal Buress unleashed a tirade about Bill Cosby, according to Daily Mail, calling him a "rapist" and a "sanctimonious hypocrite" during a performance last week.

This week, an actress who accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault some years back has come out and and made a statement describing what allegedly happened:

“Bill used to tell me that he was my father figure and that I needed to trust him as a father, 100 percent. Then he’d drug me and attack me. I was to afraid to talk back.”

“I never took shut up money. My motivation to speak now is to expose Bill Cosby as the animal that he is. He went after me in that hotel room like an animal with such sexual prowess and force that he couldn’t control himself. And at 19-years-old, I knew it would be the last time he would ever get the chance to hurt me this way again.”


I honestly don't know who to believe with these allegations. This is Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable we are talking about here. Even though she isn't the only one to have accused him over the years though, she is one of 13 or 14.

A case was brought against him by one woman who had assembled the other women to testify of their encounters with him but they settled the case without the other women having to testify. Some of the women were paid off, some were not, and a couple went on to have consentual relationships with him.

Why they were afraid to go to the police after these events allegedly happened, I don't understand. Maybe they were afraid of people not believing them like now and some years ago when the accusations got swept under the rug. But when they were bringing it to light several years ago in 2004-2006 the statute of limitations had already expired, as it supposedly went on during the '70s and '80s.

This is all too confusing it could also be a washed up actress and a comedian on the come up just trying to get some attention. The world will never know. Who do you believe?