Two up-and-comers are hotter than apple pie out ya granny’s oven in the hip hop game right now.  Kendrick Lamar, who was named MTV’s “Hottest MC,” and A$AP Rocky who’s continued to make a name for himself with his unique style and fashion.  Rocky’s debut album, Long.Live.A$AP, was a huge success.  The project features the singles, “Goldie” and “F***ing Problems.”  He just dropped the video for his latest release off the album, “Wild For The Night.”

The song features your typical Rocky flow and other familiar A$AP elements like the pitched-down voice on the hook.  What separates the track from most records in hip hop right now is the dubstep infusion.  Popular EDM artist, Skrillex, takes the record to a whole new level of party.

Even if you’ve been on vacation in the Dominican Republic, you probably wouldn’t recognize that the video was shot there.  Your fancy shmancy resort was probably much more lavish than the DR we see here.

The video depicts a dark side of Dominican life, featuring run-down buildings, barely habitable accommodations and a bunch of youngsters wielding high-powered firearms.  None of this seems to phase the A$AP crew, though.  Because, well, just like the title of the song says – they run that ish!