I saw this story on News 10 and it is terrifying that crimes against children get dismissed.

Erica Emerling has been charged with aggravated rape of a child with force, posing a child in a sexual act, and aggravated indecent assault and battery on a child under 14. No one related to the case would speak with NEWS10 ABC, but retired Troy Police Captain John Cooney says the charges are heinous.

“What really ramps this up is not that the first charge is bad as it sounds. Now with it being an aggravated charge, that means basically that the child was injured based on the actions of the defendant, just horrible,” he said.

Emerling had not guilty pleas entered on her behalf and was released following her arraignment Monday afternoon.

This sounds crazy Erica Emerling was accused of raping toddler and she was really released without bail! Yes, that means she was charged with aggravated rape, so they had some evidence against her to place charges. Then they released the woman without even having to pay bail.

To make matters even worse the court does not even have a correct address for the woman on file. Its possible that she could never appear for court and the worst that will happen is a warrant will be placed for her arrest. If she is guilty of these crimes, she is free to molest again.

She probably won't do a day in prison if she did commit this crime, because the crime is so hard to prove. The child probably can't even communicate well enough to explain what happened. The judge did grant an order of protection so the woman has to stay away from that child, but it didn't mention other children.

It seems like the judicial system is just giving her a pass after law enforcement did their job. I don't have all the details on this case but it sounds very sketchy. Hide your kids, this woman is on the streets and it seems like the judicial system doesn't care.

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