But seriously, this is now one huge reason why dogs are “man’s best friend”!

A man from Fort Edward, NY - less than an hour from the Capital Region- went into a store to buy a Slim Jim for his dog.  He left over six million dollars richer! As reported by News Channel 13, in an amazing stroke of luck, a 73-year-old man bought himself a scratch-off while he was at the store for a Slim Jim.

The scratch-off he bought?  Well, it was a winner with a $10,000,000 dollar prize! According to News Channel 13, the lump sum payout is about $6.7 million.  Talk about a dog being man’s best friend! First of all, a huge congrats to the winner.  Second of all, I bet that dog will be eating Slim Jims, among other treats, for the rest of his life.  Lastly, why can’t this stuff ever happen to us?!

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