A NY Man Went For A Slim Jim, Won $10 Million Instead
But seriously, this is now one huge reason why dogs are “man’s best friend”!
A man from Fort Edward, NY - less than an hour from the Capital Region- went into a store to buy a Slim Jim for his dog.  He left over six million dollars richer...
What Would You Do if You Won the Mega Millions Jackpot?
Not one single soul had the winning digits for the Mega Millions last night! So the jackpot continues to grow, getting closer and closer to the $300 million mark this week. I don't know about you but I will be picking up more tickets before the next drawing. What would you do if you won?
Where’s the Winner?!
Still no sign of the sole winner of last night's Powerball jackpot of $400 million dollllaazzz!  The winning ticket was sold at a South Carolina gas station and after taxes the lump sum is $233 million bucks, boys and girls!