Easter is just around the corner and a staple in a lot of households is the popular snack Peeps. This non-chocolate candy gives the easter eggs and chocolate bunnies a run for their money. I think everyone has a magical memory from Easter with Peeps, but as an adult I realized they dont really taste that great. Not to mention they have a strange aftertaste.

When you're a kid, it's all about the marshmallows and the sugar coating. It didn't matter if they were hard because they were stale or a fresh batch. It was all in the name of Easter candy. Peeps decided to step it up for the 2018 holiday with 8 new flavors.

1. Sour cherry, available at grocery stores.
2. Neapolitan, at Target.
3. Lemon sherbet dipped in fudge, at Target.
4. Orange sherbet dipped in fudge, at Target.
5. Pancakes and syrup, at Kroger.
6. And three mystery flavors, available at Walmart.

They will actually announce what the mystery flavors are on April 1st, and will have an online contest to allow people to guess what the three mystery flavors are. Are you excited about the new variety in the holiday snack ?

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