Here's What Candy Came Out The Year You Were Born? A website called Delish, has compiled a list of Candy and the release year for most of the popular candy that is around today. I had now idea that most of these snacks were under 40 years old. I only included the 80's and 90's but the website goes all the way back to the original M&M's that debuted in 1941.

1981 : Skittles For over three decades, people have been tasting the rainbow every time they snack on these chewy, fruity candies.

1983 : NERDS - These teeny, tiny candies are offered in several fun flavors, like Grape and Apple Watermelon, and have been a beloved treat for years.

1985 : Sour Patch Kids - Originally called "Mars Men," these little guys have been sour-then-sweet for decades—and have even inspired a few UFO sightings.

1986 : Airheads - Candy-fanatics have been chewing on these long pieces of taffy-like sweets since '86 and today they are offered in a wide variety of flavor (grape is underrated, I swear.)

1987 : Push Pop - No trip to the store with your parents was ever complete without purchasing one of these babies at checkout. For some reason, even though your fingers were eventually covered in sticky lollipop slime, these never grossed you out. The best part was putting the cap back on to save the rest for later.

1993 : Hershey's Cookies 'n' Creme - The fan-favorite combines two incredible flavors into one cookie bar. White chocolate surrounding tiny cookie bits is a combination even the healthiest eaters can't resist.

1995 : Starburst Jellybeans - Modeled after the OG Starburst candies, these jellybeans were released only two decades ago and quickly became a favorite--especially around Easter.

1999 : Advertised as offering "even longer-lasting flavor than Jolly Rancher Hard Candy," these lollipops give you a bigger and better way to enjoy your favorite hard candy. They come in the same flavors as the original small pieces: apple, watermelon, cherry, and pink lemonade.

So what year did your favorite Candy debut, Skittles came out in 1981 and is still my favorite to this day.

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